Cachet Over The Years: Estates Of Credit Ridge

Cachet Over The Years: Estates Of Credit Ridge

Cachet Over The Years: Estates Of Credit Ridge

To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we’re thrilled to showcase several Cachet homes and communities from the last four decades. While every one of our developments is special to us, these custom homes and master-planned communities each have a distinctive feature that has played a significant role in our growth and evolution.

Today we’re looking back at the Estates of Credit Ridge. Built in 2008, the Estates of Credit Ridge is a master-planned community in Brampton that seamlessly melds the surrounding natural features of the land with executive-type housing. 

As participating members of the Credit Valley Secondary Plan — Block 2 Landowners Group, Cachet helped facilitate the overall planning and urbanization of this unique community, completing the development and servicing of the housing lots in addition to the construction of the homes.

We are proud that the Estates of Credit Ridge won the 2008 City of Brampton Urban Design Award. This award celebrates the best in urban design and planning, acknowledging the creativity and excellence of the individuals, organizations and firms that strive to make Brampton a great place to live, work, and play.

Rendering to Reality at the Estates of Credit Ridge

The Estates of Credit Ridge consists of 112 homes on executive 40², 50² and 60² lots spread across 25 acres. This master-planned community continues to be an amazing place to live in the City of Brampton.

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