Your Guide to Easter Entertaining

Along with the arrival of spring, come the Easter weekend celebrations. Perfectly timed with the warmer days, Easter is a great excuse to add colourful touches to your home. These Easter entertaining ideas will brighten up your home and delight your houseguests.

Fun and Festive Table Décor

Pretty Place Settings

Photo Courtesy of Decoist

Guide your guests to their seats with fun name cards. From personal Easter eggs to beautifully scribed name cards and monogrammed trinkets, the options are endless. Get inspired to create your place settings with these ideas.

Centre Pieces with Character

Photo Courtesy of Country Living

Along with bouquets of fresh flowers as your centerpiece, bring out your cake stands for multipurpose use. Showcase your beautifully decorated Easter eggs, floral arrangements or Easter themed desserts at different levels for visual appeal. Pick a colour scheme that you can stick to and create your table scape from there.

Nifty Napkins

Photo Courtesy of Entertaining Life

Have fun with your napkins! Fold them into different shapes like rabbits, or purchase fun and festive napkins from your favourite home store.

Give Your Easter Eggs a Modern Twist

Nail Polish Marble

Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Update your traditional food coloured eggs with a unique and easy-to-achieve marble look. Fill a cellophane-lined soup bowl with water and swirl a couple drops of nail polish. Once you fully submerge the egg, gently pick it up using a disposable slotted spoon and let it dry to perfection.

Monogram with Spray-Paint

Photo Courtesy of Lil Luna

You can easily monogram Easter eggs by placing a stencil of a letter on the egg. Spray-paint the egg in your desired colour or favourite metallic. Use them to personalize your guests’ place settings.

Add Glitter

Photo Courtesy of Good Housekeeping

After you colour your eggs, dip a portion of them into glue and then into a bowl of glitter. This look is sure to give your home some sparkle.

Décor You Can Eat

Chocolatey Nests

Photo Courtesy of Good Housekeeping

Chocolate nests filled with colourful candy-coated eggs are a chocolate-lover’s dream come true. By melting chocolate and peanut butter and mixing in pretzels or chow mein noodles, you can easily create little nests for your favourite Easter treats. Get the recipe here.

Festive Dirt Cups

Photo Courtesy of Leggings and Lattes

Put a spin on your favourite childhood snack by whipping up these bunny-in-dirt cups. Layer chocolate pudding and chocolate cake or cookies, and top it off with green icing and a marshmallow bunny for a fun and delicious treat. Get the recipe here.

Deviled Chicken Eggs

Photo Courtesy of PopSugar

For a savoury treat, try making Easter themed deviled eggs by filling them up to look like hatching chicks. The appetizers are cute and delicious. Get the recipe here.

Crafts to do with the kids

Wonderful Wreaths

Photo Courtesy of The Happy Scraps

With a little pattered paper, ribbons and Easter themed knick-knacks, your child can create a charming wreath that’s fun to make and perfect for display.

Opulent Ornaments

Photo Courtesy of The Life of Jennifer Dawn

Have the kids make their own Easter egg ornaments with yarn, beads and printed pastel paper. The more they make, the more you can hang and decorate throughout your home. Hang them at different heights for a whimsical look and feel.

Jumping Jellybean Tree

Photo Courtesy of Crafty Sisters

Have your kids explore the nearest park for small fallen branches. Once you’ve brushed away the excess dirt, hot-glue gun an assortment of jellybeans to the branches to create a fun and festive jellybean tree. The beans on the tree may not be edible but the leftovers sure will be.

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