Site Plan

Heartwood is a close-knit community that thrives on the joy of shared experiences and simple pleasures. Designed for families at every stage, Heartwood is where laughter fills the air, neighbours become friends, and all of life’s moments are deeply cherished. At Heartwood, you’re at the heart of a community that values connection, convenience, and the beauty of small-town charm.

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New Home Centre 1520 Dickie Settlement Rd
Cambridge ON
N3H 4R8

519-650-0867 [email protected]


Monday - Thursday1pm-7pm

FridayBy Appointment Only

Saturday - Sunday11am-5pm


New Home Sales Manager

Vanessa Minicucci

Vanessa Minicucci New Home Sales Manager

519-650-0867 [email protected]

Michael Dalle Vedove

Michael Dalle VedoveNew Home Sales Manager

519-650-0867 [email protected]

Karan Bhatti

Karan BhattiNew Home Sales Manager

519-650-0867 [email protected]