Front Porch Fall Décor Trends for 2017

It’s that time of year again. Leaves are changing colour, days are getting shorter and cooler and it’s time to unpack those sweaters and scarves! People are storing away their front porch summer décor and bringing out their pumpkins, cornhusks and hay bales. This year, stick with these 2017 fall trends for the best outdoor décor around your front door.

Choose a Colour Palette

Photo Courtesy of Grace House

Even your front porch should have a defined colour palette. After all, it’s the first thing anyone will see when they knock on your front door. Whether you go simple with white and grey, or add pops of colour, like Halloween orange, stick with a theme to create a visual interest that will amaze your guests.

Be Creative with Your Pumpkins

Photo Courtesy of Southern Living

There’s so much more you can do with pumpkins than carving them into jack-o-lanterns. This year, try something new and spruce up your pumpkins, by painting them or using them to create fall planters. The bright orange creates a beautiful contrast of colour and adds a fall touch to any outdoor space. Take a look at these different varieties, they’re sure to look terrific on your front porch.

Say it with a Sign

Photo Courtesy of Love Grows Wild

Welcome signs are a thing of the past and spelling out seasonal greetings is all the rage. Reuse an old shipping pallet or wood plank you may have laying around, to create rustic looking signs for anytime of the year. This sign in particular is trendy and literally says ‘fall’ in big letters. With simple additional elements like fall garden mums and tiny gourds in your colour palette, your front porch display will pack a punch.

Rock Out

Photo Courtesy of Shelterness

There’s something cozy and inviting about a rocking chair. If you have the space on your porch, consider adding a rocking chair, paired with an outdoor pillow or two. Not only will it look like fall, it will be the perfect place to enjoy your weekend coffee or an evening cocktail.

Eye Catching Levels

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

From ladders and stackable pumpkins, to hay bales and cornhusks, don’t be afraid to place your décor on a variety of levels to create eye-catching elements across your porch. Levels are bound to make a statement and delight anyone who knocks on your door!

Lead photo courtesy of Craft Berry Bush

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