40 Questions with Cachet: Our Origins

40 Questions with Cachet: Our Origins

40 Questions with Cachet: Our Origins

2021 marks Cachet’s 40th year in the home building industry. To commemorate our four decades as a developer and builder of custom homes and master-planned communities, we are excited to introduce a new feature to our blog, 40 Questions with Cachet. This series is designed to give you a special behind-the-scenes glance into the company we are so proud to call home. Over the coming months, we hope that our answers provide you with ample insight into our history, core values, customer experience, industry expertise, the future of Cachet, and more.

The entire Cachet team is incredibly grateful to our homeowners for continuing to place their trust in us — it remains our sincerest privilege to build your dream home. We look forward to many more years of creating master-planned communities for active families across Southern Ontario.

Let’s start by looking back at our origins — this is where the Cachet journey began.

Where did the name ‘Cachet’ come from?

Initially, as an exclusive builder of custom estates, we operated under the name A. Auciello and Son Custom Homes. As we continued to build in the Cachet Country Club community, we became known as The Cachet Builder.

After deciding to expand the business, it was only fitting that we switched from our family name to Cachet, officially adopting the moniker that already carried considerable recognition for us.

Tell us a little about Cachet’s founder.

Cachet was established by Anthony Auciello. After arriving in Canada from Italy at the age of 16, Anthony’s tenacity and desire to control his own destiny quickly catapulted him from an immigrant barber to an owner of successful hair salons, and later in life, to a builder and developer of master-planned communities. His transition from accomplished hairdresser to builder began with an ardent desire to construct a custom home for his family. Throughout the building process, he discovered a passion for development, design, and construction— a passion that consumed him for the remainder of his life.

Mr. Auciello’s integrity, dedication to craftsmanship, charisma, and exceptional interpersonal skills allowed him to expertly translate the homebuyer’s dream to reality. He was a beloved visionary whose expansive legacy lives on in the next generation of Cachet.

What year was Cachet started?


Tell us about the first Cachet home.

The first Cachet home was built in the Jennings Gate community, an estate subdivision in Unionville. It was initially developed, designed, and constructed by our founder for his family.

After completion, there was an extensive neighbourhood demand for the property — ultimately convincing Mr. Auciello to sell it. The two prospective buyers who missed the opportunity to purchase the home promptly commissioned him to build additional estates for their families. These Jennings Gate custom properties are the original Cachet homes; 5500 square-foot estates on one-acre lots, completed with the highest quality craftsmanship and the most modern, luxurious features and finishes of the day.

Join us next month as we answer a brand new set of questions about our 40 years. To keep updated on our latest news and community releases, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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