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Imagine lush, tree-lined streets and friendly waves from neighbours as you make your way home. Imagine exploring endless trails, scaling pedestrian bridges, skipping rocks and discovering the beauty of nature all around you – and just moments from home. Imagine stepping out for a night out on the town and exploring Cambridge’s great restaurants, shops and amenities. Now, imagine yourself living in Westwood Village.

Westwood-village Community Inspired By History

A Community Inspired By History

Cambridge has carved out its own identity as a new city with a rich history. Located at the confluence of the Grand and Speed Rivers, Cambridge is thriving with vibrant restaurants, shops and businesses that enhance every lifestyle.

Nature’s Riches, Your Reward

Cambridge is an outdoor lover’s paradise, with a wealth of lush natural greenery at every turn. Bike or stroll the beautiful trail systems and vast parks, and canoe or kayak your way along the miles of winding river.

Westwood Village is a proud partner of the Rare Charitable Research Reserve, an urban land trust and environmental institute that protects almost 1,000 acres of highly sensitive lands.

Get Out & About

Downtown Cambridge is brimming with trendy shops, cafes, restaurants and craft breweries at every corner. Just minutes from Westwood Village, stroll along the streets to enjoy the historic stonework that defines each building, take in the arts and cultural exhibitions and more.

Westwood-village Nature’s Riches, Your Reward



Westwood-village A Master-planned Community Of Seven Distinct Neighbourhoods
Westwood-village Edgewater

Spot the colourful Midland Painted Turtle in Edgewater. These native North American turtles live in slow-moving freshwater and have painted shells; keep an eye out for them while you’re strolling along the trail that encircles the community pond.

Westwood-village Parkside

You’re just a hop, skip and a jump away from the community pond in the Parkside neighbourhood. And just like the Northern Leopard frog, you’ll enjoy the leap into community life.

Westwood-village Mariposa

The Mariposa neighbourhood is centrally located in Westwood Village and is as beautiful as its namesake. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a rare glimpse of the endangered Baltimore checkerspot butterfly while strolling along the trails.

Westwood-village Foxhollow

Foxhollow is the one neighbourhood that’s hugged by two of the community’s ponds. Like a stealthy fox, you’ll get to know your way around the village using the pathways and pedestrian bridges that connect to trails and parks just beyond your front door.

Westwood-village Summerside

From your front porch in the Summerside neighbourhood, it’s easy to spot the colourful Canada Darner Dragonfly taking flight. From June through October, take a short stroll around the community pond to watch as they whiz around the water’s edge.

Westwood-village Windsong

Just beyond the village’s entrance is Windsong, a neighbourhood nestled alongside the natural lands. Your lush forested view might just include a sighting of a majestic owl in flight, or perched on a branch high above.

Westwood-village Fairfields

In the Fairfields neighbourhood, you’re closest to the joyful sounds emanating from the future community park. Don’t be surprised if you see a bunny or two hop by — follow them through the park to connect to the trails that will take you even further afield.



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