Construction Update — April 2021

Construction Update: April 2021

Construction Update — April 2021

At Cachet, building visionary communities that families will be proud to call home is a mission we take seriously. Since January, we have made significant progress at our Cachet Bradford Parkside, Bradford Urban Towns, and Mount Hope communities—we are one step closer to welcoming you home.

Cachet Bradford Parkside

At Cachet Bradford Parkside, all framing is finished. Our team is busy completing the remaining masonry and beginning interior finishings. A third of homeowners now live comfortably in this community. We are looking forward to welcoming the remaining families between now and August. In late summer, the final landscaping and paving details will be completed, too. 

Cachet Bradford Urban Towns

We are excited to announce that construction has begun on Blocks 1 and 2 at Bradford Urban Towns. The underground parking system and foundation walls are now underway, as well.

Cachet Mount Hope 

Cachet Mount Hope is our largest master-planned community to date. Currently, we are in the process of building Phase 1, with construction on Phase 2 slated to begin before the end of 2021. Since December, our builders have been hard at work preparing the foundations for the Phase 1 detached homes—all of which are now under construction. Additionally, construction on the townhomes is expected to start soon. To track the progress made at Mount Hope from December to date, visit our Construction Update playlist on YouTube to see all our video footage. 

Cachet Beamsville

We are happy to announce that construction at Cachet Beamsville was officially completed in 2020. Almost all 265 families have now moved into their Cachet homes in this beautiful, new master-planned community.

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