3 Fresh Ways to Make the Most of Our Community Amenities

From hosting a picnic on community green space to working out along our walking trails, each of our community amenities are designed to help you make the most of your leisure time. Discover three fun and fresh ideas below.

1. Use Community Green Space to Picnic, Partake in a Friendly Scrimmage, or Practice Yoga

Green space in a community helps to foster a connection between neighbours and the natural environment, increases time spent outdoors, and helps build social connections. At Cachet, we’re proud to incorporate lush natural amenities into many of our communities

Use community green space to treat the family to a picnic on a beautiful summer day, or get your physical exercise in by striking up a friendly soccer game, football match, or frisbee toss. The peaceful serenity of green space also makes it a great spot to do yoga — simply bring a mat, find a comfortable area and get ready to channel your inner yogi. 

2. Use the Trail Systems for a Workout 

Like community green spaces, trail systems allow for social interactions between residents and friends, and they’re also a great place to squeeze in a workout beyond running or jogging. Get creative with your exercise routine by using built-in amenities such as seating areas to work your arms and legs by doing push-ups, squats, and step-ups. Westwood Village residents can also make good use of fitness stations that are incorporated along the trails.

3. Plan a Family Photoshoot at the Community Gardens or Pond

The community garden at Mount Hope by Cachet and the sprawling pond at Westwood Village offer a unique opportunity to create a family memory that will last a lifetime. Get dressed up, find a perfect spot among flowers or waterside, and snap a few family photos just because.

Explore our communities to learn more about the amenities offered at each, and discover more ways to connect with nature this summer by traversing some of the best trails and conservation areas near our neighbourhoods.

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