Construction Update: December 2021

Construction Update: December 2021

Construction Update: December 2021

At Cachet, building visionary communities that families will be proud to call home is a mission that we take seriously. As we set our sights toward another great year ahead, we are also looking back at all the progress we’ve made at our communities in 2021. We’re delighted to be one step closer to welcoming you home.

Bradford Parkside

Ask any Parkside homeowner what’s happening on-site, and they’ll be happy to tell you that all residential construction is now complete, and we’re now working on adding final landscaping touches to this community.

Bradford Urban Towns

This community is starting to take shape, with early construction stages for Blocks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 ongoing. Get a bird’s eye view of our Bradford Urban Towns community by watching the video below.

Mount Hope

Mount Hope has come so far over the past 12 months. This time last year, roads and services were being installed. Today, the homes in Phase 1 are nearly complete, and 40 homes are now occupied. Construction has commenced on nearly all homes in Phase 2 and 3, with foundations, footings, and framing underway.


We’re pleased to say that we’ve broken ground in this tight-knit community, with internal servicing and base course asphalt now complete. The first two blocks have been excavated and forming has begun.

Westwood Village

The beauty of Westwood Village is starting to take root, with internal servicing underway and the preparatory stages of construction ongoing. We’re excited to see this community come to life.

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