8 Design Trends that Experts Predict You’ll See Everywhere in 2024

At the beginning of each new year, interior designers and architects ask themselves the same question: what’s in, and what’s out? Each year brings with it new trends, and 2024 is no different. Read on to discover some of the most popular trends that experts predict will dominate the world of interior design this year.

Images courtesy of Pantone and Benjamin Moore.


Gone are the days of brown and grey: bold colours are what’s trending for 2024, with vibrance, saturation, and more daring palettes edging their way in among tried-and-true neutrals, experts predict. Ushering in this new era are Pantone’s Peach Fuzz and Benjamin Moore’s Blue Nova, two rich and captivating colours that are unabashedly bold yet surprisingly livable. Pantone’s cheery Peach Fuzz speaks to our desire to embrace a hue that enriches the mind, body, and soul, while Benjamin Moore’s mid-toned Blue Nova has a captivating duality that’s both dramatic and reassuring, and that’s sure to be a favourite in our homes.


Design trends for hardwood floors are constantly evolving, and much like this year’s colour trends, 2024 will see a focus on statement hardwood. Chevron and herringbone patterned floors are time-tested favourites that add a dynamic and visually interesting element to your home. There will also be a shift in wood trends in 2024, with a move towards richer, medium tones instead of light wood. Also seeing a resurgence is wide plank flooring, which showcases more of the natural grain and variation of the wood, and has a significant impact on the overall appearance of the floor.


In keeping with 2024’s bold design moves, our homes’ accent pieces are also seeing a big change. This year, design experts are embracing a rich earth palette that includes royal blue, forest green, terracotta, and deep orange. 

Patterned wallpaper is also gaining popularity and is set to be a big trend in 2024. Personalized elements – like handmade tiles and unique hardware – will be increasingly prominent this year, giving you more opportunities to accentuate your space with distinctive details.


With 2024 all about welcoming colour and embracing change, it’s no surprise that mixed metals are making a comeback. Incorporating metallic colours to your living space will impart luxury and coolness – a perfect complement to the deep hues of the year. To create contrast, consider combining opposite metals such as polished brass and satin nickel, or pair similar metals like brass and bronze, which have warm undertones, for a look that’s more understated yet elegant. 


Natural design materials such as stone, wood, ceramic, and leather are favourite choices for interior design, and an emerging trend for this year is pairing these natural elements with more modern ones, such as glass and steel. This creates a striking juxtaposition, with the contrasting elements balancing each other in a truly unique and beautiful way. 


Curvy furniture has been a top design trend for a couple of years now, but interior design experts predict that the trend will reach a new high in 2024. Curves are playful and elegant, and curvy furniture pieces – from sofas and dressers to dining tables and coffee tables – as well as curved accessories (think mirrors) all impart a relaxed and welcoming vibe to any interior. Play around with a sense of whimsy and subtle elegance by incorporating organic shapes like curves into your space this year.


Here’s a fun idea for 2024: incorporate furniture pieces into your space that double as art. Choose a piece of furniture that’s unique and high-impact – for example, one with bold colours or unexpected accents or embellishments. While this is a trending idea, it’s also a timeless way to elevate your space. By treating furniture as art, you not only enhance the visual appeal of your surroundings but also infuse personality and creativity into your home. This approach allows your furniture to transcend mere functionality, transforming your living space into a curated gallery that reflects your unique style and taste. 


Creating a luxurious, tranquil, spa-like environment in your bathroom is a big trend for 2024. Our bathrooms are where we start and end our days, and turning your bathroom into a peaceful oasis can elevate your daily life in a subtle but powerful way. Details like soft textiles, upgraded lighting, unique mirrors, soothing paint shades, and upgraded hardware and fixtures all go a long way in elevating your bathroom, while high-end features like steam showers or infrared saunas are top trending items for 2024. Read our blog post, 6 Easy Updates to Create a Spa-Like Primary Ensuite, to learn how you can weave in a few upgraded elements to take your bathroom to the next level.

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