Design Tips to Build Your Backyard Sanctuary

Design Tips to Build Your Backyard Sanctuary

Design Tips to Build Your Backyard Sanctuary

The arrival of spring brings with it the familiar urge to spend time outdoors in the sun. During these warmer months, our backyard becomes an extension of our interior living space, and there are countless ways to transform it into an al fresco haven that’s as inviting, comfortable and practical as the rest of your home. From manicured landscapes to lounge-worthy patios and more, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite ideas to remodel your backyard into a sweet sanctuary.

Create Comfortable & Functional Zones 

As an extension of your home and a private oasis for you to unwind outdoors, it’s important to ensure that your backyard is as comfortable and functional as possible. When designating dining and lounging areas, take into consideration how you use your space — if you love to entertain, allot more space to the eating area to accommodate a larger table; if intimate gatherings are more your speed, place cozy chairs around a fire pit for easy conversation.

When shopping for your dining and lounge sets, consider both comfort and design. Exterior areas should be a natural extension of your interior living environment; continuing your indoor colour scheme and furniture style through to your outdoor space will create a seamless flow between both areas. 

Be sure to keep functionality in mind, too — an outdoor umbrella, patio cover, pergola or other structure will go a long way in ensuring that you’re shaded versus sweltering in the sun; citronella candles provide soft ambient light and keep pesky mosquitoes away.

Great places to shop for patio furniture include:

For the Traditionalist

Hudson’s Bay

For the Investor

Crate & Barrel

Focus on Landscaping Details

It’s no secret that the key to creating a beautiful backyard is to incorporate plenty of lush plants and colourful perennials. Landscaping details go a long way in creating an elevated and attractive space that feels restful and connected to the environment, so be sure to let nature be your guide when planting. Vary plant heights, colours and textures to boost visual interest, and don’t be afraid to tailor your landscaping plans to your advantage — ornamental grasses, for example, are especially handy at disguising unsightly elements or concealing space beneath a deck.

Keep Sustainability in Mind

Creating a sustainable and energy-efficient backyard may seem time-consuming and expensive, but small changes go a long way in keeping maintenance costs down and benefiting the environment without compromising on visual appeal. Conserve water by irrigating your lawn early in the morning, when temperatures are cool enough to prevent evaporation. Invest in solar-powered path lighting for ambience at night, and opt for plant containers that don’t lose water through the sides.

Selecting native Ontario plants are another great way to promote sustainability, as they are well adapted to local environmental conditions and require less water in maintenance. Some of the most popular trees, shrubs and flowering plants that are native to Ontario include red maple, sassafras, elderberry, black-eyed Susan, wild lupine, tulip tree, eastern flowering dogwood and wild bergamot.

Start designing your space today and you’ll have the ideal outdoor living area to enjoy with your family and friends all summer long. To ensure you never miss home tips and tricks from us, follow us at @cachetcommunities on Instagram. 

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