The New Homebuying Journey: Interior Selections Process

At Cachet, we remain committed to keeping you educated and informed at every step of your homebuying journey. We are always looking for innovative ways to provide our homeowners with the information and confidence needed for a seamless new home experience. In this series, we’ll guide you through the various phases that you’ll encounter during your new home journey with us, from purchasing to closing and everything in between.

This month, we’re diving into the interior selections phase, which allows you to choose the features and finishes that will complete your home. It also provides our Design Studio team with an opportunity to guide you through the process of transforming your new house into your dream home. In order to best prepare you for this stage of the journey, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you understand the design process. 

I just signed my new home contract. Now what? 

Congratulations on the purchase of your Cachet home! Approximately 2 to 3 months after you’ve signed your Agreement of Purchase and Sale, you’ll receive an email that explains our interior selections process and notifies you that a member of our design studio team will be reaching out to you personally in the coming months to schedule your design studio appointment.

Are all selections chosen during a single appointment? 

This will depend on the size of your new home. If you purchased a detached home, you will have two appointments: a structural appointment, followed by an interior finishes appointment. If you purchased a townhome, you will have one appointment to select your features and finishes in our Design Studio.

How are the appointments booked?

A member from the design studio team will contact each homeowner by phone or email to secure a date and time for their selections appointment. Once that’s been booked, you will receive an email and text confirmation. You’ll also receive an email and text reminder of your appointment closer to the scheduled date.

When do the interior selections appointments happen? 

All appointments take place Monday through Friday. Because each appointment is a few hours long, there are two time slots offered per day: a morning time at 9:30, and an afternoon time at 1:30.

How can I prepare for my appointment?

We encourage all new homebuyers to spend time sourcing design inspiration, budgeting for premium options, shopping for appliances according to the appliance specifications of your new home, and assembling a wish list of features and finishes using our online browsing portal. 

Why should I create a wish list? 

Once your selections appointment has been scheduled, you will receive an email invitation to access our online studio, which allows you to digitally browse the wide range of design options available to you. This will give you a chance to view your home’s included features, as well as premium selections and pricing. In preparation for your appointment, we recommend you thoroughly browse through the portal and create your wish list of options. Doing so will make your in-person easier and more efficient, as your Design Studio Specialist will be able to preview your selections ahead of time, and gain a better understanding of what’s important to you.

What can I expect during my appointment?

Our studio features an array of beautiful finishes, including options that can be tailored to accommodate your personal needs and unique style. One of our Design Studio Specialists will guide you through the process, providing expert knowledge and valuable advice while you make your selections. During the interior selections appointment, you’ll begin by choosing the colour palette and finishes you’d like to see in your kitchen, followed by the flooring and countertops, which influences how the upper-level rooms are finished. Afterwards, you’ll spend time discussing things like plumbing, trim, railings, paint and any other additional features that are required to finish your home.

What should I know about appliance selections? 

Along with a link to Cachet’s online design studio, you’ll also receive information about selecting your appliances. It’s critical to look this over ahead of time, as you are required to bring your appliance specifications with you to your selections appointment. If you are not prepared to provide appliance specifications at the time of your appointment, you will be asked to sign off on the standard appliance openings. If rough-ins and cabinetry have been ordered or put into production, we cannot alter revisions to openings, electrical and/or cabinetry requirements. 

Standard appliance openings are as follows:

Refrigerator: 33″ w.
Stove: 30″ w.
Dishwasher: 24 w.

Refrigerator: 36″ w.
Stove: 30″ w.
Dishwasher: 24″ w.

What about custom requests? 

During your selections appointment, you will have the chance to discuss special requests that are not present in our product catalouge. This includes modifying your kitchen layout, repurposing a room, planning interior light fixture locations, and pre-wiring for your home office. Each one of our communities offers different opportunities for customization, and your requests will be reviewed during your appointment. Note that these are always considered a request and not a guarantee due to the nature of construction timelines.

How do I finalize my selections?

At the end of your appointment in the Design Studio, you will be asked to review a list of your selections and sign off on your features. No options are finalized until paperwork is signed and payment is confirmed.

How does the payment system work?

Payment for all options is due at the end of each appointment, so please come prepared with a form of payment. Payment options will be discussed with you before your appointment by a member of our design studio team.  

What happens if I change my mind? 

Once your interior selections are completed and finalized, you will have three days to review your options and contact your Design Studio Specialist with any concerns. To ensure construction timelines are not affected, changes will no longer be permitted once your selections are finalized. 

What happens if I miss my appointment?

Please make every effort to ensure you attend your scheduled design studio appointment, as rescheduling may result in missed opportunities to customize your home. A fee will be charged if you miss your appointment. We ask that you provide us with a notice of cancellation at least 24 hours before.

What happens if I have questions after my selections are finalized? 

The quickest and most efficient way to connect with your Design Studio Specialist after your appointment is by email. The design team strives to respond to all emails within 24 to 48 hours.

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