Home Technology That Will Make Your Life Easier

Home Technology That Will Make Your Life Easier

Home Technology That Will Make Your Life Easier

Today’s market of innovative technology can make our lives easier on a day-to-day basis. From smart refrigerators to beds that read our sleep patterns, home technology is quickly becoming more and more personalized for our individual lifestyles.

Smart Refrigerators

Smart refrigerators have been around since the early 2000s but the most you could do was call your friends and family, as you would with a phone. Today, Samsung offers a fridge that can do that and much more, including; telling you when food has gone bad, and allowing you to look into your fridge when you’re at the grocery store through interior cameras.

Along with making sure you’re buying the groceries you need, smart refrigerators can control the temperature in your fridge throughout the day to help you save money on your energy bill. In fact, 30% of your energy bill comes from operating your refrigerator and other large appliances in your home. Unlike a standard fridge, a smart refrigerator gives you the control to turn the temperature of your fridge and freezer down to conserve energy.

Sleep Number Beds

For years, Sleep Number beds have been a great option for couples who prefer different levels of firmness in their mattress. A Sleep Number bed is a foam mattress, equipped with two air chambers. Through an app on your mobile device you are able to adjust your side of the bed with the proper firmness or softness that you desire. The bed is designed to contour to your neck, shoulders, back and hips, cushioning your entire body for proper spinal alignment.

As technology has improved, so has the Sleep Number bed. Today’s Sleep Number beds can connect to personal fitness trackers to monitor your sleep patterns and recommend the best sleep number for your lifestyle.

Wireless Charging Tables

Charging your personal devices with confusing cords is a thing of the past, now that IKEA has released their wireless charging collection; this revolutionary technology is now easily accessible to the average consumer. From nightstands to lamps, charging your device without a cord is becoming the new norm.

To use the wireless charging furniture, you can simply enable the wireless feature on your phone, place your phone down, and your device will be charged in no time. This collection of wireless chargers will limit and eliminate the number of cords tangled behind your furniture.


Thanks to the introduction of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, wireless sound systems have quickly become a common household convenience. Wireless sound systems fill your home with the music you love and can be controlled from any room through your smartphone or tablet.

Bluetooth transmissions have a limited range; approximately 30 feet, but can become portable, and are a universal standard device. Alternatively, Wi-Fi speakers have a greater span — approximately 120 feet and has excellent fidelity. Consider the size of your home and your preferences, when selecting your new speakers.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are becoming increasingly popular in the modern home. Compared to a traditional thermostat, a smart thermostat can identify your temperature preferences and allow you to control the temperature in your home remotely through a mobile device. A smart thermostat can also automatically adjust itself based on surrounding conditions, like humidity.

Apps like Ecobee and Nest not only control you home’s temperature, but also show you your energy consumption in real time — giving consumers a convenient way to save money.

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