Cachet Homes Update Regarding COVID-19

The Power of Collaboration: A Trifecta of Plus Group Companies Sell Out Brantford Project in Four Days

Cachet Homes Update Regarding COVID-19

Since 1981, the Cachet Group (Cachet) has earned an enviable reputation as the developer and builder of master-planned communities across southern Ontario. In early 2020, the company initiated a plan to launch ParQ, its first community of townhomes in Brantford, a city recognized as a hub in Canada for post-secondary schools. It was an ambitious project. Cachet hoped to build a modern, self-sustained community of 150 homes in an area that is under rapid growth and renewal. Even so, the company was confident that with the right design plan, marketing strategy, and sales technology, it would appeal to target investors and end-users. With the support of three Plus Group companies at the forefront of real estate innovation – RN DesignCoolaid Studios, and SaleFish Software – Cachet was able to open the gateway for this promising neighbourhood during its launch in October 2020. 

In ParQ’s early stages, Cachet leaned on its partner of over 25 years, RN Design, to begin putting visuals behind this distinct vision, while considering cost-effective materials in the process. RN Design successfully created the development’s floorplans, 2-D renderings, and elevation designs. These had a modern feel to attract a younger end-user, whether investing in a new home for post-secondary living or to raise a family. With the elegant simplicity of large windows and over-sized details, the end result was a marriage between contemporary and traditional design.  
From there, RN Design worked closely with Coolaid Studios, supplying these designs for effective marketing materials and 3-D renderings, which in turn fueled Cachet’s brokerage (Spectrum Realty)’s sales strategy. Planning for a launch during the height of a pandemic, the marketing agency knew they needed a creative idea to communicate with prospective purchasers. With this in mind, they built a digital brochure that would take potential buyers on an experiential journey as they scrolled through. Seamlessly bringing users from local attractions to ParQ features, amenities, interiors/finishes and townhome options, the digital brochure evoked an immediate sense of connection so users could envision their future in this new community. 

One key to piece this all together was SaleFish Software. As a global leader in real estate sales software, we prepared clickable site plans embedded into the brochure, allowing users to browse specific townhomes in more detail. Separately, SaleFish Software also powered an entire online sales platform prepared by Coolaid so come purchase time, broker agents could process transactions online with ease, security, and the utmost efficiency. The cloud-based solution allowed multiple agents to sell simultaneously and see in real time what sales were in que to speed up the process. SaleFish’s technology made this virtual launch possible. 

Our Priority Preview Phase Release sellout was made simple, fast and precise with SaleFish Software, says Stephanie Draga, Marketing Manager at Cachet Homes. From live siting, architectural control, inventory management and pricing adjustments, SaleFish makes the admin process effortless. Generating our agreement in seconds makes it a seamless process from sale to signing. A must-have for any project.

Rob Nicolucci, CEO of Plus Group and President of RN Design, explains, The pre-existing relationship between RN Design, Coolaid Studios, and SaleFish Software as companies under the same roof allowed for fluid communication behind-the-scenes without having to involve the client at every step. It gave Cachet confidence in our teams to seamlessly work together, but more importantly, it allowed for incredibly strong productivity. 

The end result? One of the most successful launches in Cachet’s history and all without a sales centre! While navigating a global pandemic, the collaborative efforts of three Plus Group companies and Spectrum Realty allowed Cachet to sell out of all 150 ParQ townhomes in only four daysWhat’s more, Cachet surpassed its own expectations by selling 40% of units directly to end-users. It’s truly telling of what teamwork can accomplish when combining an industry’s most innovative resources. 

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