40 Questions With Cachet: Cachet’s Vision

40 Questions With Cachet: Cachet’s Vision

40 Questions With Cachet: Cachet’s Vision

2021 marks Cachet’s 40th year in the home building industry. To commemorate our four decades as a developer and builder of custom homes and master-planned communities, we are excited to introduce a new feature to our blog, 40 Questions with Cachet. This series is designed to give you a special behind-the-scenes glance into the company we are so proud to call home. Over the coming months, we hope that our answers provide you with ample insight into our history, core values, customer experience, industry expertise, the future of Cachet, and more.

The entire Cachet team is incredibly grateful to our homeowners for continuing to place their trust in us — it remains our sincerest privilege to build your dream home. We look forward to many more years of creating master-planned communities for active families across Southern Ontario.

If you could describe Cachet in three words — what would they be and why?

Quality, integrity, and community are the values built into the foundation of Cachet—they shape and direct our organization’s vision, objectives, decisions, and relationships. The positive impact we are driven to make on our customers, employees, partners, and communities is guided by these principles.

What was Cachet’s vision when the company first started?

From the very beginning, our founder had a distinctive vision of how new homes should be crafted; a vision that combined innovative architectural design, superior craftsmanship, exceptional quality features and finishes, and outstanding customer care.

What sets Cachet apart from other builders?

Family is at the heart of what we do. At Cachet, our team relentlessly strives to build visionary communities that families can be proud to call home. Our custom-building background has afforded us years of valuable insight into the unique needs of home buyers, allowing us to apply the same knowledge and care to building master-planned communities as we once did to crafting custom estates. Cachet homes and communities are developed, designed, and built with your happiness in mind. We carefully select beautiful features and finishes and optimize layouts to enhance functionality. Our communities prioritize connectivity, walkability, and access to the natural amenities and modern conveniences your family needs to thrive. Cachet understands that purchasing a home is both an economical and emotional investment—and we respect the trust our homeowners place in us by honouring our commitments, continually improving to exceed their expectations,  and offering a customer experience that supports them every step of the way. 

Has Cachet been recognized for any achievements in the last 40 years?

Cachet is the proud recipient of numerous awards—including the industry’s top prize, BILD Home Builder of the Year.  Each honour commemorates our commitment to quality craftsmanship, architectural design innovation, and inspired community planning.

Join us next month as we answer a brand new set of questions about our 40 years. To keep updated on our latest news and community releases, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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