Preparing for Moving and Closing

The New Homebuying Journey: Preparing for Closing

Preparing for Moving and Closing

At Cachet, we remain committed to keeping you educated and informed at every step of your homebuying journey. We are always looking for innovative ways to provide our homeowners with the information and confidence needed for a seamless new home experience. In this series, we’ll guide you through the various phases that you’ll encounter during your new home journey with us, from purchasing to closing and everything in between.  

What to Expect Before Closing

Once you’ve finalized your interior selections and construction has commenced on your home, there will be a stretch of time before any further action is required on your end. During home construction, regular touchpoints — including community newsletters and construction updates shared on our social channels — will keep you informed of the progress on site. Once your home is nearing completion, you will be informed of your firm closing date. 

Preparing for Your Move 

We recommend that you begin preparing for your move approximately one month before your confirmed closing date. The following is a guide for how to prepare for your closing in advance. 

Connect with Your Lawyer 

In the weeks before closing, we recommend that you stay in contact with your lawyer to ensure that they have all documents and information required to close your home. Please also ensure that you have provided Cachet with your lawyer’s contact information so that we can send the final closing documents, including a copy of your signed Agreement of Purchase & Sale (APS). Your lawyer should also advise you of any closing costs you may incur. 

Set Up Your Utilities

We recommend that you contact all applicable utility companies approximately two weeks before closing in order to update your new home address and contact information. Be sure to set up billing accounts with each company and arrange for services to be transferred to you upon closing. Contact phone, cable, and internet providers, as well as water gas and hydro (we will provide you with the respective contact information).

Finalize Any Financial Documents 

Approximately one month before closing, we recommend you contact your financial institution to complete any required documents, including ensuring your mortgage provider has received a signed copy of your Agreement of Purchase & Sale (APS). Please also ensure that you have provided Cachet with your mortgage commitment. 

Contact Canada Post 

Contact Canada Post to inform them that you will be moving, and arrange for them to forward your mail to your new address. You can obtain your municipal address and postal code by visiting the Canada Post website. Note that Cachet does not have access to your new postal code before it is released by Canada Post. 

Arrange for Appliance Delivery 

If you have upgraded any of your appliances, it will be your responsibility to arrange delivery and installation. All independent appliance deliveries must be scheduled after closing.

Hire a Moving Company 

If needed, rent a moving truck or hire a moving company so that you can easily transport your furniture and boxes. Schedule your movers after your closing date so as not to interfere with your key turnover.

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