The New Homebuying Journey: Warranty and Anniversary Phase

At Cachet, we remain committed to keeping you educated and informed at every step of your homebuying journey. We are always looking for innovative ways to provide our homeowners with the information and confidence needed for a seamless new home experience. In this series, we’ll guide you through the various phases that you’ll encounter during your new home journey with us, from purchasing to closing and everything in between.  

In this installment of the Homebuyer Journey series, we’ll explain what warranty touchpoints to expect after moving in, and how Cachet will help guide you through the caring of your home.

Warranty Process 

Cachet recognizes and abides by the Tarion Home Warranty Program. Our Customer Care Team honours and accepts the submission of any of the Tarion Warranty forms that are received and approved by Tarion within the time frame allotted: 30 Day, 1 Year, 2nd Year and 7 Year Major Structural Defect. These forms are made available to all homeowners who may have warranted items that they wish to report to Cachet for inspection.  

It’s important to note that some imperfections happen naturally due to the nature of construction, or else are not covered under warranty. For example, small shrinkage cracks may appear in your concrete basement floor during the first year-post construction; this is due to the nature of concrete, which is porous.

Homeowners have an equal responsibility in both developing a clear understanding of the warranty coverage and keeping up with regular maintenance of the home to prevent it from sustaining unnecessary damages. Before submitting any forms to Cachet, please review the Tarion Construction Performance Guidelines. This useful reference guide will assist you in determining the warrantability of an item and will provide you with clarity and assurance as to what should be submitted on these Statutory Forms.   

Any forms that are submitted to Tarion via the MyHome portal should also be emailed to your Customer Care Manager. This step will ensure that your form is received in a timely manner and will prompt a member of our team to contact you directly to schedule an appointment to review and assess the submitted items.

30-Day Form

Your first opportunity to note any items that may be covered under warranty is before the 30-day anniversary of the day you took possession. All warranty service requests must be submitted online. Once the form has been received, a member of our warranty team will call or email you to book an assessment appointment for the items you’ve listed.

Year-End Form

Your second opportunity to point out items that may be covered under warranty is before the first anniversary of the day you took possession of your home. The process for submission and inspection is the same as your 30-day form. 

Second Year Form 

Cachet warrants your home for two years from the date of possession, covering any major structural defects; water penetration; plumbing, electrical, and heating distribution systems; and exterior cladding displacement. You can make note of these deficiencies any time before the two-year anniversary day; the process for submission and inspection is the same as your 30-day and year-end forms. 

Seven-Year Major Structural Defect Form

Tarion warrants any major structural defects for seven years after the date of possession. After the two-year anniversary of your closing date, any structural claims should be submitted directly to Tarion in writing. Tarion defines a major structural defect as materials or work that results in the failure of a load-bearing part of the home structure, or materials or work that adversely affects the use of the building as a home. 

In the Event of an Emergency

Emergencies are defined as major water penetration, plumbing leaks, and complete loss of heat or electricity during winter months. All emergencies that occur during regular business hours should be reported directly to your Customer Care Manager. During your PDI appointment, you will be given a list with emergency contact information that includes a number to call for emergencies that occur outside of working hours. 

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