The New Homebuying Journey: Closing Day

At Cachet, we remain committed to keeping you educated and informed at every step of your homebuying journey. We are always looking for innovative ways to provide our homeowners with the information and confidence needed for a seamless new home experience. In this series, we’ll guide you through the various phases that you’ll encounter during your new home journey with us, from purchasing to closing and everything in between.  

This month, we’re exploring the steps you’ll need to take on closing day. We look forward to taking this milestone journey with you and can’t wait to welcome you home.

What is a Closing Day? 

Congratulations! Your closing day means that your new home is now complete and Cachet is ready to hand over your keys. 

What to Expect 

Prior to your closing day, your Customer Care Representative will contact you to finalize your closing time and location. Prior to your firm closing date, you will be asked to sign all remaining documents related to the purchase of your home, including the final loan documents, and provide a bank draft with the closing amount (to cover your remaining down payment and potential closing costs). 

Upon confirming that all funds have been received to successfully complete the purchase, a real estate lawyer will register your home online with the Land Registry Office, officially transferring the property title and ownership from Cachet Homes to you. Our team will also provide your lawyer with a lockbox code from which you will be able to access the keys to your new home.

Retrieving Your Keys 

You will be retrieving your keys on your closing day directly from your home. A lockbox will be installed on your front door containing a single key; the code to access your lockbox will be provided to you from your lawyer. A second set of keys will be left for you in your kitchen. 

Please be advised that the Cachet-supplied lockbox will be removed within 24 hours from the time of your closing. We ask that you retrieve your key before it is removed. Once we have given you your key, you officially own your new Cachet home and can begin moving in.

A Note on Moving In 

For insurance purposes, please understand that we are unable to allow you to move your belongings into any area of the home prior to your official closing. We recommend you schedule movers for the following day.

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