The New Homebuying Journey: A Look Back

As 2022 draws to a close, we want to take a moment to look back at our Homebuying Journey series. Our goal was to offer an inside look at the various phases that you’ll encounter during your new home journey with us, and to educate and inform you of each step of the process. We appreciate all the positive feedback and engagement we’ve received throughout the year, and we look forward to sharing more helpful homeowner resources with you in 2023.

January: Introduction to the Homebuying Journey

In January, we introduced our Homebuying Journey series and explained that we would highlight one step of the new home process each month, covering important facts, details and insights. In addition to providing pertinent information, our aim is always to ensure that our homeowner experience is both memorable and positive.

February: Your Pre-Purchase Stage

We explored the pre-purchase stage in February, outlining that this first step of the homebuying journey is when you have the opportunity to select your builder of choice, community, floor plan, home design, and the features and finishes that will define your new home.

We highlighted the importance of carefully selecting your builder and exploring the new communities you’re interested in to become more familiar with the local culture, shopping and dining opportunities, green spaces and so on. We also detailed the importance of reviewing the site plan to determine where in the community you’d like to be situated, and what considerations to take into account when choosing your floor plan and elevation.

March: Finalizing Your Home Purchase

With the pre-purchase stage complete, March’s Homebuying Journey turned toward how to prepare and finalize your home purchase, including how to secure a mortgage pre-approval, reviewing the deposit structure for the community, and booking your sales appointment. It explored what to expect during your appointment, including the length of the appointment and how our team will help you review and sign your Agreement of Purchase & Sale.

April: The Interior Selections Process 

In April, we dived into one of the most exciting stages of the homebuying process: interior selections. This month’s blog covered a wide scope of frequently asked questions, including: when the appointments happen, how the appointments are booked, how you can prepare for your appointment, what you can expect during your appointment, how the payment structure works, and more.

May: Home Construction

The May installment took a closer look at the construction process, covering what each step of construction involves and the average time it takes to build a home. It also reaffirmed our commitment to delivering exceptional quality homes built by a team of skilled builders, trade partners and contractors. 

June: Preparing for Closing

June’s topic put a spotlight on what to expect before closing, and how to prepare for your move ahead of your firm closing date. It detailed the important steps our homeowners need to follow prior to closing, including: connecting with their lawyer, setting up utilities, finalizing any financial documents, contacting Canada Post, arranging for appliance delivery and hiring a moving company.

July: Your PDI Appointment 

With construction nearing completion and closing day approaching, July’s topic focused on how homeowners can prepare for their Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) appointment. The PDI appointment is the first time that homeowners are invited into their home during the construction process, and this blog detailed what to expect during the appointment, how to schedule and prepare for the PDI, and what comes after.

August: Closing Day

Another exciting milestone in the homebuying journey is closing day, and August’s series installment covered what to expect at this stage, and how to retrieve your keys. 

September: Welcome Home

At this stage of the journey, our purchasers have officially become homeowners. And because we want our homeowners to enjoy their new home for years to come, this month’s topic centered around the Welcome Home phase, which included all the important information and contacts needed to ensure that your home is always running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

October: Warranty & Anniversary Stage

We explored the warranty and anniversary stage in October, detailing what forms to expect after moving in, and how the Cachet team will guide you through the caring of your home. This included a breakdown of the 30-Day, Year-End and Two-Year warranty forms, a guide on form submission, Tarion forms and coverage, and what to do in the event of an emergency. 

November: Completion of Community & Timing of Seasonal Items

In this last installment of our Homebuying Journey series, we explain the process behind the completion of your community, and the timing of various seasonal items that may be addressed after you’ve moved into your home. This included items such as driveways, curbs and sidewalks, and sod and plantings.

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